Jim's flying career has spanned 45 years and 36,000 hours aloft. Enlisting in the Army in 1968 he flew over 200 combat missions in Vietnam and returned home to start his airline career in 1971. He has flown every thing from DC-3s to commercial jets and is currently a Boeing 757 Captain for a major U.S. Airline. Additionally, Jim and Michelle had spent many years owning and operating the Chatham airport located in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. His love for the sport of aerobatics is paramount, and over the years he has competed on a local level and actually built three aircraft himself, all of them aerobatic.

Jim and Michelle McDevitt

Gulf Coast Flying Circus, Inc.

Offering Scenic and Aerobatic Rides for you and the family!

Covering all of Southwest Florida

Gulf Coast Flying Circus, Inc. is solely owned and operated by Jim and Michelle McDevitt. With Jim doing the flying and his maintenance man, Todd, taking care of ground operations, we can assure you your flight is a memorable one!

Bi-Plane Rides